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Tips to Save Money on Business Travel

Business travel forecasts are flat to slightly up for the coming year, meaning that today’s business traveler is expected to get the job done on an increasingly tight budget.  According to research from the U.S. Travel Association, travelers embarked on 463.9 million domestic business trips in 2017, a number expected to grow just 2% by 2018.

Savvy business travelers are learning to stretch their travel budgets, squeezing more out of an investment of time and money.  These three key tips can help maximize results from business travel.

Fly into a secondary airport.  If your business takes you to a major metropolitan area, consider flying into a secondary airport, such as Long Beach for a Los Angeles trip or White Plains for a New York City trip.  According to MinuteHack, a website offering advice for entrepreneurs and executives, “Smaller, regional airports tend to be less expensive — and they might get you closer to where you need to be.”  Secondary airports also have shorter wait times for everything from security to boarding to takeoff.

Stay outside the city.  As with secondary airports, hotel chains in the suburbs are generally less expensive than their city counterparts.  These smaller establishments can result in better service and a quieter night’s sleep.  Before you book a suburban hotel, it’s a good idea to consult a map to ensure that a hotel billed as “City View” is actually within striking distance of the city.

Plan for downtime.  It’s easier to justify the expense of business trips if you are able to keep up with your usual workload, even while on the road.  Every business trip will present you with unexpected downtime.  Make sure you are equipped to work whenever and wherever you need by packing supplies such as noise-cancelling earbuds, a portable charger, and an app such as Workfrom to assist in finding a quiet location to set up shop temporarily.

Smart business travelers know that hacks such as choosing alternate locations for airports and hotels, and carefully managing their productivity, can have impact beyond improving your budget; they also result in a less-stressful, more productive travel experience.

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