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Quick Guide: TLC Driver’s License

In order to drive professionally, you will need a TLC License. A TLC Driver’s License legally allows you to pick up riders. Below are the requirements to both obtain your first license and the instructions to renew your license. Follow this guide to get started and stay on road!

1. Am I eligible to get a TLC Driver’s License?

  • Age Requirement: 19 Years Old
  • Social Security Number: Must have a valid social security number at when submitted your application
  • Outstanding Tickets: No outstanding tickets, fines or parking violations
  • Points on Your DMV License: No More than 6 Points on your license within 15 months of your last violation date

2. How do I get a TLC Driver’s License?

  • Complete the TLC Application:

*Click here to access the application

  • Pay the TLC fee online:

*Complete the payment at the end of the online application above.

  • Complete a drug screening

*Here is a list of Approved Patient Centers

  • Complete the NYS DMV certified defensive driving course:

*Here is a list of approved defensive driving courses

  • Attend 24 Hour FHV course and pass the exam:

*Click here for approved education providers

  • Complete WAV training:

*Easily book a training course here

  • Complete a doctors visit and bring the TLC medical form:

*Click here to download the TLC medical form

  • Use code 15425Y to get fingerprinted here
  • Pay (if applicable) parking tickets
  • Pay (if applicable) traffic tickets
  • Pay (if applicable) TLC fines
  • (FHV only) – TLC Driver -19A status (only if you drive a stretch limousine)

3. How do I renew my TLC Driver’s License?

In order to renew your TLC driver’s license and stay eligible to drive, you have to make an online payment through LARS and mail-in or email all required documents to the NYC TLC Licensing and Standards Division. Make sure all proper documents are sent and the payment is made at least 30 days before your license expires in order to get your renewal license on time.

  • Pay TLC Renewal Fee:                                                                                                                          *Click here to renew pay the TLC renewal fee in advance of the FHV expiration date on your FHV permit.
  • Send copies of your vehicle registration form (FH1) and your insurance form (Certificate of Liability) to the TLC:  renewvehmr@tlc.nyc.gov
  • Have an inspection completed(This will be an inspection scheduled by the TLC).
  • Complete a Drug Test                                                                                                                              *All drivers must pass an annual drug test up to 90 days before the anniversary date of their license in order to obtain or keep their license valid. You can schedule a drug test by calling 1.800.923.2624 and find a testing location here.

Drive for GroundLink

Come drive for GroundLink and you will never miss your annual drug test and renewal dates. We will send you a reminder about your drug test every year before your anniversary. To learn more about driving with GroundLink, visit www.driver.groundlink.com.

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