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Top Rated Airlines During the Holidays

If you are planning to travel over the holidays but haven’t yet booked your flight, don’t waste another minute! Ideally, you should book your holiday travel weeks, if not months, in advance. Understandably, that isn’t always possible. So if you still need to book your travel, begin your research immediately! Some tips for having the best trip possible include:

  • Carry on luggage only (checked baggage could get lost in the busy transits that happen during the holiday season and could be lost for days)
  • Look to travel in and through fair weather cities (avoiding Chicago, Cleveland and other cities that can get hit with bad winter weather)
  • Book on the following recommended airlines — they might be more costly but in the end, the hassle of traveling on lower-rated no-frills airlines might not be worth it (the worst being Frontier Airlines, SkyWest and Express Jet, according to the Airline Quality Rating (AQR) report):

Delta Airlines

With hubs in Atlanta and Salt Lake City, where the weather is more favorable, Delta Airlines received an 82% on-time rating in December 2017, according to the Airline Quality Rating (AQR) Report.

JetBlue Airways

The AQR Report notes that JetBlue has both high and low ratings for its performance over the holidays but if it could work towards correcting its inconsistencies it would rank almost as high as Delta. 

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airways, which you might think would have a difficult time in the holidays (i.e. the weather!), is very consistent with its ratings and received the least number of complaints from passengers, according to the AQR.

One industry expert advises that perhaps the best advice for traveling around the holidays is to be patient and expect potential delays and crowds. And, possibly, staying home and/or driving to a destination. If driving is your choice, look to Groundlink to book all your safe, on-time, and guaranteed high quality ground transportation needs.

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