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Travel Cheats: Planning Your Hamptons Getaway

A getaway to the Hamptons is not as simple as throwing your bags in your car and heading out, figuring you’ll book a cheap hotel room when you arrive and grab some food at any one of the inexpensive options around. Unfortunately, a Hamptons getaway, especially on a lower budget, takes some planning ahead in order to figuratively “cheat” the system. Fortunately, there are some ways around the standard ways to get, stay, and dine there:

Getting There

The least expensive way to get to the Hamptons is via the Long Island Railway. Its final destination is, though, Montauk, without options of getting to and from other villages. So you might need to drive yourself or rent a car. Unfortunately, parking anywhere in the Hamptons is costly (at the beach, on the streets, etc.). Visitors are advised to utilize The Free Ride, free shuttle rides that are available all summer long from each of the main villages to all the beaches.

GroundLink is also here to assist you with ground transportation to and from the Hamptons.

Staying There

If you have a Hamptons summer house that you’re sharing with a LOT of other people, then you’re already on your way to saving money (but the privacy is a bit limited). You can also head out solo or with a smaller group and try to rent a room or two via Airbnb or VRBO, but again, you’ll be squeezed in like a sardine. If you really want to save a dime or two, consider getting a campsite at one of the two nearby state parks. Same beaches, a little less glamorous, but still, you’re in the Hamptons!

Dining There

The Hamptons are known for high brow cuisine and clientele, and many of the restaurants cater to these expectations (read: pricey!). However, you can do some searching around and find some places to eat that won’t break the bank (indulge for one evening though, just to say you’ve been to Nick & Toni’s). Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the best dining choices in the Hamptons on a limited budget. Another option? Pick up farm fresh veggies and groceries,  make your own food and enjoy it al fresco with friends.

The Hamptons will never be the cheapest place to visit, but, there are ways to make a trip there more affordable, yet just as much fun!

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