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Travel Destinations of the Year

Are you itching to make some plans for traveling in 2019? Set your resolution now to get out and explore the world, with a little help from some crowdsourcing and U.S. News and World Report. The reporters at the magazine gathered feedback from travelers, travel agents, and experts to list the top 30 destinations in the world. Visit the article if you want to check out all 30, or here’s our favorite top five from the list:


We do agree with the experts that Paris remains at the top of our list. Full of history, charm, elegance, and amazing food and culture, you can’t go wrong visiting Paris either for a romantic getaway or for a family trip to really begin a European adventure.

New York City

If you’d prefer to say stayside, New York City offers a barrage of experiences for all your senses and for any member of your family’s interests. History, architecture, culture, food, Broadway, Central Park. You name it, the Big Apple certainly lives up to its reputation as the city that never sleeps, with plenty to see and do.

New Zealand

A far flung destination for many but absolutely worth it if you’re looking for one of the few remaining locations with such incredible outdoor adventure opportunities, surrounded by unmatched beauty.


If you’d rather experience natural beauty and outdoor fun in the United States, consider a trip to Yellowstone National Park. You can hike for miles, see a great variety of wildlife, and get lost in the majestic beauty of the mountains and open skies of the West.

Costa Rica

Mountains, oceans, rainforests; you name it, Costa Rica has it all. You can enjoy relaxing days by the ocean but switch it up with hikes and canopy tours. Waterfalls, natural beauty, and friendly attitudes await you.

So why wait to plan your 2019 vacation? Book now and have something to look forward to. And remember to utilize Groundlink for all your transportation needs!

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