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Travel Tips: Navigating the Airport Maze Faster Than Ever

The period of time from when you leave your home or office to when you settle into a seat at your airport gate can be a long one, filled with stress and annoyances. For business travelers, navigating airports can waste valuable time that could have otherwise been spent preparing for meetings or presentations. If you’re traveling for business or pleasure in the near future, use these tips to get to your gate faster than ever.

1. Sign Up for TSA PreCheck
If you find that the security line holds you up more than anything else at the airport, it may be worth paying a fee to avoid it. According to USA Today, you can purchase a five-year TSA PreCheck membership for $85. TSA PreCheck will allow you to use the shorter pre-check lane at security. You’ll also be able to keep on your shoes and belt and leave your liquid items and laptop in your bag.

Don’t want to pay extra? Some airline credit cards or frequent flyer programs also offer their cardholders and members acces to shorter security lines.

“Save time by downloading your boarding pass to your smartphone.”

2. Use Your Phone
Don’t waste valuable time waiting at the airport to check in. Take advantage of modern technology and check in from your phone. If your airline provides the option, you should also download your boarding pass to your smartphone. Nothing eats up time like trying to find a kiosk where you can print out a new pass when you misplace your hard copy.

If you’ll be spending time in an unfamiliar airport, download a map beforehand to navigate any unexpected gate changes.

3. Arrive Early
You can’t control when your plane will arrive at its destination, but you can control what time you’re picked up by your black car service. At GroundLink, we guarantee that your ride will arrive to pick you up on time, at the time and place that you request. Don’t waste valuable time waiting for a cab or ride from a friend.

“At GroundLink, we understand how valuable your time is,” said GroundLink CEO Liz Carisone. “We service many airport transportation rides so we are very well versed in the nuances of airport layouts.  Our drivers are all experienced and are familiar with the different terminals and airlines at every airport to help you get to your airline’s gate as quick and efficiently as possible.”

Use GroundLink the next time you need a ride to the airport so you can shave time off your commute, giving you a buffer in case you end up spending extra time at security.

You should especially consider using airport transportation in Los Angeles. Travel + Leisure magazine named the Los Angeles International Airport home of the "most annoying airport security checkpoint."You should especially consider using airport transportation in Los Angeles. Travel + Leisure reported that LAX has the “most annoying airport security checkpoint.”

4. Get Organized
Before your airport car service arrives, take a moment to make sure you’re prepared to speed through the airport as quickly as possible. Organize any travel documents together and keep your wallet in a place that is easily accessible. Empty out your pockets so that you won’t have to do it in the security line, running the risk of dropping or losing anything.

5. Don’t check a bag
While it might be nice to bring everything you could possibly need while on the road, packing only what fits in a piece of carry-on luggage will save you money and time. Not only will you save time on the front end of your trip, but you won’t have to wait around at the baggage claim area after you arrive and you won’t run the risk of having your suitcase misplaced by the airline.

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