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How to Upgrade Your Business Travel

Occasional business travel can come with a sense of excitement: a change of pace to the daily grind, a quiet hotel room, and a new location to (hopefully) be able to explore. Constant business travel, on the other hand, can be an exhausting experience. Upgrading your travel to make it more comfortable can be achieved with a few tweaks to your routine.

Advance Airport Planning

There’s nothing worse than standing in never-ending lines at the airport. If you haven’t upgraded your travel status to include TSA PreCheck and Global Entry, do not hesitate. You can stroll through the airport at a much more leisurely pace knowing that your time won’t be wasted in long security lines.

In-Flight Comfort

Whether or not your business travel includes upgrades to business or first class, there are many ways that you can make your flight better. Invest in a good quality head pillow, bring noise-canceling headphones, drink plenty of water, move around, and, now, find the best seat on the plane, in advance, that will give you the most comfortable (and least turbulent) flight.

Ease of Mind Ground Transportation

Gone are the days of standing in taxi lines and hoping the driver can get you to your hotel in one piece. GroundLink offers safe and reliable black car service at locations throughout the U.S. and in 110 locations throughout the world. You can book your car in advance online or via the GrounLlink mobile app with your flight information (with your cost provided at the time of booking), and your driver will track your flight to make sure you are met on time even with a one to three-hour delay.

Business travel is an inevitable part of the job these days. But tweaking a few parts can make a big difference in your comfort level and make life a lot more bearable. Take advantage of modern upgrades to make business travel less stressful and a lot easier.

GroundLink offers safe, reliable ground transportation and a quiet, comfortable ride, with transparent pricing that’s never metered.  Learn about The GroundLink Difference, check our rates or call (888) 546-6715.

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