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What’s New for Admins and Arrangers?

We sat down with Cindy, a travel administrator for 15 years whom, “loves collaborating with people and reliably providing seamless and convenient business travel”, and Catherine, a travel arranger who manages travel for the top executives in her company as well as a team of 15 travel arrangers who provide travel arrangement for all other employees. “Corporate ground travel is only one of my responsibilities, and I like to book it as quickly as possible.”

Corporate Dashboard

With a simple, yet powerful dashboard, BRIO provides arrangers, and admins with all of the necessary tools needed in one easy to use interface.

Cindy and Catherine were both able to monitor recent rides and edit or cancel upcoming rides, track ongoing rides on the map, see where their employees were last dropped off, oversee money spent within a specific time period, email or export receipts for selected rides, view any upcoming weather alerts, and much more.

Booking and Managing Rides

BRIO was designed to allow ground travel management to leverage roles, relationships, and personalization. During the ride-booking process, they noticed car preferences, previous rides, and addresses all saved for each passenger once they entered in their first ride information. Catherine and Cindy both agreed that having this information readily available would eliminate repetition and improve timeliness and accuracy for their future bookings.

Additionally, we were able to demonstrate how easy it is to book rides for outgoing and incoming flights. We were able to showcase our flight tracking tool, which shows suggested pickup times based on traffic. We also explained how BRIO is integrated with Google Maps to gauge traffic at the location during the time of travel and combines the travel time with how early the passenger would like to arrive at the airport to recommend an ideal pickup time.

Why Use BRIO?

As our time was concluding with both Cindy and Catherine, we asked the final question of the day, “Would you use BRIO for ground transportation management and why?” Both answers exceeded our expectations.

  • Cindy – “BRIO provided all the tools that were necessary to get my job done efficiently. I especially liked the dashboard and how everything I need to run a successful operation was accessible right in front of me.”
  • Catherine – “Since I do have other responsibilities aside from managing our travel, I liked the fact that BRIO stores passenger information after it has been entered. This will save me a lot of time moving forward when I have to book rides for the same people and destinations.

Let BRIO be the single framework that provides the one-stop shop for your corporate ground travel.

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