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Women’s History Month – Duty of Care for Women

When arranging travel for your female passengers, what services do you typically look for while booking? Are high-class hotels a must? Maybe a first-class plane ticket, or perhaps a centralized location amongst the cities amenities? What about transportation to and from the airport and in the city of which they are traveling? With all of these necessary services needed during travel, do you dive deeper and look into the safety and well-being of your passengers?

 Travel Arrangers Play a Big Role in Their Traveler’s Safety

Issues can occur during travel, such as a missed flight, poor weather conditions, or other personal safety threats, and businesses should ensure safety policies and practices for their traveling employees due to the risks that are accompanied by it. So, when it comes to booking hotels, flights, and ground transportation, what should you be looking for to guarantee duty-of-care best practices and high compliance?

GroundLink’s Policies

Safety is very important to any passenger taking a taxi, app-based ride service, or black car while traveling. To address security and duty-of-care best practices, GroundLink maintains necessary requirements that have been established upon inception.

  • Drivers must undergo an extensive vetting process, which includes detailed background and employment history checks.
  • Drivers must have at least 2 years of prior commercial driving experience and an impeccable driving record.
  • GroundLink’s minimum coverage per incident is $6MM.
  • Affiliates must have $1MM of auto liability insurance.
  • Ratings and performance reviews are continually monitored to ensure exceptional service delivery.
  • For added security, you have a full, hands-on view of your travelers ride in real-time on the mobile app, and driver reviews from previous passengers.

As a travel arranger, it’s important to book services where your female travelers will always feel and be safe. Being able to review and research ahead of time will ultimately provide insight on which services have detailed policies for duty-of-care, which will lead to the best decision when booking your passenger’s next trip.

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