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We value our coworkers. We trust our employees to do their best. We promote from within. We value everyone’s opinion. We create a positive atmosphere. We are passionate about what we do. We invest in professional growth. We are always looking for the better way. We provide flexible scheduling. We believe that hiring creative, collaborative, motivated team members is one of the best gifts we can give our current employees.


Diversity Matters

Different perspectives at the table help us to innovate and problem solve. Groundlink employs an international workforce, with almost 40% of New York-based employees coming from 15 different countries. We are also proud that our leadership team is made up of many women, including our CEO.

Our People Say

Check out why we are so jazzed about coming to work and not hitting the snooze button in the morning.

“When I came to GroundLink, I thought that I would stay here for just a couple of months, but I have ended up spending the last 7 years with the company. I was hooked by the atmosphere and the people as much then as I am now.
At first, I thought that I was dropped into one big, loud, hectic family and would not be able to keep up with all the things happening around me. I was waiting for things to settle down and to find my own spot to hold on to, but a peaceful, quiet and boring day is something that you will never have at GroundLink. That is something I love about working here. I love that every day is different, that I am doing different things, changing perspective, and acquiring new skills. And through all that I have the support and freedom to change things, develop and feel like I’m an important part of this big family.
In those 7 years a lot of things have changed. We have grown up and continue to grow, processes have developed and been implemented, we have broadened the scope of work and products that we deliver, the number of employees has almost doubled, departments are cross functional, and we are more connected and more directed to each other. I like the fact that even though we are separated by location and cultural differences we manage to work as one team, laugh, and have fun on daily basis. And through bad days (and not all days are good) we keep close together, driving motivation and strength from the team.”

Marija Milosevic

Scrum Master and Training/Development Specialist

“Since joining GroundLink in July 2013, I have learned more than I ever thought I could! I started out doing basic everyday tasks. As time went on, I learned the business, how the company worked, and was given more and more responsibility each year. At a smaller company, I love that I get to see all aspects of the business as part of the finance/accounting team. It makes me feel more attached to everything that is going on. At a bigger company, I may just be working with only one part of the business. Lastly, it is the people! Everyone here is available if I have a question, and they are always welcoming and nice.”

Rob Germinario

Senior Financial Analyst

“I started as a Driver with GroundLink in 2003. In 2011, GroundLink hired me as a Dispatch Assistant. Several years later, I was promoted to Lead Dispatcher, Fleet Coordinator, and, in 2018, I was promoted again, to Supervisor of the Fleet and Dispatch departments. I can’t say the transitions have been smooth, as I struggled in all areas of all my new positions, but I received support from senior management. Throughout these roles, I have also received the opportunity to learn other skills, including programming and data analysis. I learn something new every day. I was motivated early on when I noticed GroundLink promoting from within, and I mention that often to candidates during interviews. My favorite phrase to our job interviewees is “If you ever wonder whether GroundLink is the best company to work for, just listen to my thick accent.” Everyone here is friendly, welcoming, willing to share what they know, and willing to coach you to be better. I didn’t have the best formal education, but GroundLink looked past that and saw what I had to offer. I am forever grateful to GroundLink for all the opportunities and for also getting me my first birthday cake ever. GroundLink is my home!”

Musa Jallow

Fleet Success Manager

“I joined GroundLink almost at its start. And I can only say that this is the perfect working environment. It has an atmosphere where your potential is recognized and your personal growth encouraged. Through teamwork you are able to expand your knowledge, work ethic and social skills, all of which will make you achieve a successful career path with many opportunities. Everybody is willing to help you with any challenge that you encounter (and there can be quite a few), from problem solving solutions or with helpful advice. Go GroundLink!”

Milijana Lazovic

Quality Assurance Lead

“I've been with GroundLink for over five years. What really stands out to me is that in those five years I've never once felt undervalued or underappreciated as a worker - this company has shown time and time again that hard work and dedication will never go unnoticed. Sure, the work is often not easy but it is rewarding. I love the fact that you are surrounded with laid-back and easygoing coworkers who are always ready to take the edge off a stressful day through good humor and banter. Combined with plenty of room for personal and professional growth and you are left with a company that quickly becomes a second home rather than just a workplace.”

Martin Stevanovic

Customer Support Supervisor

“I feel GroundLink is an excellent time investment for me, on both professional and personal levels. Working on great products amongst highly skilled people gives me an opportunity for professional growth, yet it's an enjoyable and lighthearted environment to be in.”

Slobodan Georigijev

Product Development Manager

“Working at GroundLink has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. From the beginning of my time here I’ve felt respected and valued as an employee. My colleagues want to help me if I need something or if I don't understand a task. Things that I heard in the interview about the business and the company, in general, were true. My impression of the atmosphere is that we try to build a healthy atmosphere and to grow from year to year. GroundLink values diversity and gives talented people a chance to develop.”

Kristina Dincic

HR/Administrative Assistant

“GroundLink is a great place to learn new skills and new technology. Working at such an innovative and growing company is exciting. Everyone is approachable and willing to take time out of their busy day to help each other out. I feel very empowered by (and confident in) my teammates, which makes GroundLink a great environment to work in. People are fun to work with and always willing to take the time to make sure you understand what you need to know to be successful. Even if you are new, you will never be underestimated. Managers aren’t afraid to give you new challenges so you can learn and grow.”

Denis Coric

Frontend Software Architect

“Working as a part of the GroundLink team has been a fantastic experience. I’ve had the honor to meet some incredible people and to work closely with them. What I also like about this company, in addition to the great atmosphere, is being able to participate in making decisions on how should we achieve goals. This enables us to keep pace with modern solutions and technologies, thus increasing team motivation. Every day we strive to learn new things, which helps us improve ourselves while also improving our products.”

Darko Stojkovic

IOS Developer

“A little more than a year ago, I became a part of the billing team, a group of carefully selected and impressive individuals. The way I was welcomed and the ways my colleagues handle day to day business truly inspires me to give my best, not because I have to, but, because I want to. It was inconceivable to me that such a positive work environment could be continuously maintained while doing as much as we do. My only regret is that I didn’t join GroundLink sooner.”

Rade Zeljkovic

Collection Analyst

“From day one of my 8 years here at GroundLink, I was surrounded by a welcoming attitude and supportive people, which was immensely important to the young me, who had little work experience and a lot to learn. I like to think that this welcoming attitude and supportiveness is a kind of GroundLink trademark, which we then try to pass on to all the new people coming into the company. Throughout many challenges over the years, GroundLink has helped me grow both professionally and personally, by acknowledging my strengths, steering me in the right directions, having an ear for me when necessary, and most importantly, by teaching me that change is good. If you have a strong and trustful team on your side, you will always land on your feet. GroundLink will not only give you a chance, and then some, it will also make you feel like an integral part of their journey. Today, I feel grateful to be a part of this journey and I am looking forward to seeing where it takes us next, because I know it is going to be good.”

Aleksandra Stojanovski

Customer Support Agent

“GroundLink is a thriving company where I have the pleasure to work in the Billing Department. Our leaders can best be described as visionaries who ensure the company’s progressive development occurs by fostering a respectful and encouraging work environment. Trust is the basis of all our relationships. Positive attitudes and the inclusive nature of our relationships are the main reasons every person feels valued and appreciated on our team.”

Milka Barackov

Closing Specialist

“Being with GroundLink from its early stages has allowed me to take on different roles and gain a valuable business perspective. What started as an entry-level job has, over time, turned into a position with a great amount of responsibility. This is very important: if you are dedicated enough you can go far beyond your starting point and will be able to perform different tasks, learn, and grow. With regular feedback from management, employees are never stuck in one place, we learn how to explore their skills, and we achieve the best results. The management takes a rather modern approach towards nourishing the stable and positive atmosphere in the office with various celebratory activities. Wherever you go with GroundLink you can count on everyone around you being there to help you and show you the way.”

Nikola Petrovic

Customer Support Agent

“My name is Lana, I’ve been working at Ground Link for several months. There are so many amazing things about working in this company. Everyone is supportive, understanding, and willing to provide their help. Surrounded by these kinds of people inspires me to work harder. I also appreciate the fact that this company provides many opportunities for personal growth and development. I am pretty sure that there are not many companies that take care of their employees and customers at this high of a level. This job is challenging but that is the beauty of it. It is my pleasure to work here.”

Lana Kozica

Customer Support Agent

“I've been working for GroundLink for a little over a year now, and so far it's been nothing but a positive experience. My colleagues and the managing personnel are forthcoming and happy to assist if and when needed. I'm also happy with the employee care. There are a few bonus programs that allow us employees to earn more, which is a great plus.”

Jelena Matic

Customer Support Agent

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