Duty of Care

Duty of Care has become a central concept in assessing an organization's obligations for traveling employees, and also in protecting employees from potential risks and threats. According to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), "the cornerstones of an effectively managed travel program are a well-designed travel policy and compliance." And while ground transportation is the fifth highest T&E spend category, GBTA points out that "chauffeured car service continues to be a largely unmanaged and low compliance area."

To address security and duty-of-care best practices, GroundLink has an extensive vetting process for drivers, which includes appropriate registration, licensing, background and employment history checks. Our drivers are fully insured, with a minimum of $6MM of coverage per incident. For added security, we send an automated text message to passengers with an embedded link to their drivers' picture, name, car model and a real-time updated map of their vehicle's location. Travel arrangers also have the ability to track the vehicle in real-time in GroundLink's web-based Corporate Account Center.

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    Licensing and Background Checks

    • All car service drivers must be properly registered, licensed and in good standing with their local authorities.
    • All proper markings are required on vehicles per local regulation.
    • All car service drivers undergo background checks either at the local regulation level or run by GroundLink in top U.S. markets.
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    Screening of Drivers and Vehicles

    • Drivers must have at least 2 years of prior commercial driving experience and an impeccable driving record.
    • Vehicles are regularly inspected for cleanliness and quality.
    • Vehicles must be 5 years or newer, in excellent condition and must be Black on Black.
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    • Drivers are required to use GroundLink's proprietary driver mobile app which provides GroundLink, our passengers and travel arrangers with the GPS tracking of the vehicle, make/model of the vehicle and photo of the driver.
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    Driver Reviews

    • Drivers are continually reviewed using surprise audits, extensive direct customer feedback and quantitative scorecards.
    • Surveys are issued post-ride and a 5 star rating system is available in GroundLink's car service mobile app that provides immediate feedback on the customer experience.
    • Ratings and performance reviews are continually monitored to ensure exceptional service delivery.
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    • GroundLink's minimum coverage per incident is $6MM.
    • Affiliates must have $1MM of auto liability insurance, and are required to name GroundLink as additionally insured.
    • Additionally, GroundLink carries a $1MM general liability and $5MM supplementary umbrella policy.
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    Customer Data Protection & Privacy

    • GroundLink is extremely sensitive to customer data protection and privacy issues.
    • We are PCI Certification awarded and maintained, which means our systems have met a rigorous set of requirements, to ensure that customer data is protected as it's being processed or transmitted, and stored in a secure environment.
    • In all countries in which we operate, we comply with the laws in place regarding privacy protection for customers, and we continually review and update our IT platform to ensure safe data processing and storage.
    • To ensure continuity of service we have a Business Continuity plan that includes a redundant remote data center, known as our Disaster Recovery Environment (DRE).

Data Protection & Privacy

PCI Certification Awarded & Maintained
24x7 Security Monitoring
Sensitive Data Encrypted